About ACNG

All Commercial Network Group

Where Everybody Gets a Chance

Our Story

The All Commercial Network Group was started by Chris Fleharty in 2019. Mr. Fleharty was seeing a trend in the networking groups and chambers offered to businesses in Southern Nevada and he was dissatisfied. He was struggling to find quality connections, and those that got the most exposure were the businesses that had the “deepest pockets”. So he decided to make a change.

At The All Commercial Network Group (ACNG), events are provided that allow for plenty of time to connect, and every attendee gets a chance to talk about their organization (publicly). The ACNG also brings in special guests/speakers who are chosen to speak because of their knowledge and/or involvement in current affairs going on in our local government and municipalities. Opportunities are given to ACNG members and visitors to ask questions and learn more about how these issues might impact their businesses, and what we as a business community can do to instill change.

Mission Statement

The mission of ACNG is to provide meaningful connections in our business community, to educate attendees on the local happenings of Southern Nevada that will impact businesses, and to provide solutions that will bring about positive change in our business community.

Membership Guidelines

  1. Membership is offered to businesses/non-profit organizations (not individuals)
  2. Membership is offered to 2 different businesses per trade/industry
  3. All membership applications are reviewed and approved by the board
  4. Membership dues are $175 per year. If a member signs up or renews at the ACNG Annual Membership Mixer, the dues cost is reduced to $150
  5. All visitors are welcome, but they have “limitations”:
    • Visitors must also represent a business or non/profit organization (not individuals)
    • Visitors may attend up to 2 monthly meetings per year without becoming a member
    • Visitors have a different cost for monthly meetings (additional $15 for their ticket)

Membership Expectations

  1. Attendance
    • Members are expected to attend events (if they cannot attend, it is suggested that they have someone else from their organization attend in their place)
    • If a member misses 2 events in a row, the committee will contact them to “check-in” and make sure they are okay and see if they need anything
    • Members must understand that since each industry is limited to 2 organizations, their membership is valuable to someone else.
    • If they are not attending meetings, it is unfair to those organizations within that industry that would also like to join.
    • Members and/or visitors are NOT required to bring referrals (we desire organic and meaningful connections)
  2. When making connections and sending referrals
    • Quality referrals only
    • Warm handoffs only (email or personal)
    • No soliciting emails, calls, mail, etc.
    • Attendees are encouraged to reach out to new contacts to create meaningful connections by way of coffee/lunch meet ups, zoom calls, office meetings, etc.
    • Members are encouraged to educate their guests on ACNG guidelines.
  3. Members are expected to pay/renew annual dues on time each year to secure their membership
    (this helps in determining which organizations will represent their specific trade/industry)


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